Goals for Girls


Goals for Girlsconnects girls from the United States with their peers from around the world in a forum that addresses social and health challenges through cultural exchange and soccer. Since 2007, Goals for Girls has used this unique platform to help disadvantaged girls by providing access to health and education programs taught through the game of soccer.

Disadvantaged girls in countries across the globe are achieving their full potential through life skills, health, and education programs delivered through the game of soccer. Soccer creates fun and engaging environments where girls gain confidence and vital life skills that help them face life’s challenges. Goals for Girls connects girls from the United States with their peers from around the world, breaking down cultural barriers while providing an opportunity to create change.

Goals for Girls is a program of DC Soccer and is led by icons of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team as well as international public health, education, and community development experts who have experience in developing, managing, and successfully implementing effective interventions for girls.

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April 2010 – “Girlz Got Skillz” South Africa

  • Participants
      55 girls from Namibian, South Africa, U.S.
  • National Team stars ggs
    • Stacy Naris, Namibia
    • Fikile Sithole, South Africa
    • Danielle Slaton and Cindy Parlow, United States
  • Partners and stakeholders
    • Academy for Educational Developmentggs3
    • Grassroot Soccer
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • U.S. Department of State, ECA/IV
    • U.S. Consulate, Cape Town
    • South African Airways
    • Namibian Ministries of Education, Health, & Youth
    • Helen Zille, Premier of Western Cape
    • South African Women’s National Soccer Team

    Fifty young female footballers from Namibia, the United States, and host country South Africa, some of whom had never set foot off native soil, converged on Cape Town. With frequent excursions to points throughout the city including a tour of the new World Cup stadium, the girls engaged in a sunup-to-sundown regimen of cultural, leadership, and life-skills activities that challenged to the core everything they knew about health and gender issues, and turned them into role models, able to pass along their newfound skills to their peers at home.

    Goal for Girls 2009June/July 2009 – Goals for Girls Uganda “Every Girl Should Have a Goal”

    • Participants
      • Girls’ soccer team from Provo Utah
      • Jackie Skinner (head coach)
      • War-affected young girls from Kampala and Gulu Uganda
    • Partners & Stakeholders
      • Timpview High School, Provo Utah
      • Uganda Football Association
      • The Kids League Uganda
      • Help International
      • United States Soccer Foundation
      • Calle U.S. Soccer Retailer
      • BYU Women’s Soccer

    The objective of the program was to work with war-affected young girls on goal setting. Northern Uganda has endured a 20-year war which has left many young orphan children as victims. Many of the young girls who participated in the program had experienced traumatic events including abduction and rape. In addition, many had witnessed their family members being tortured and murdered.

    The U.S. team and its coaches, along with a documentary film crew, traveled to Kampala and IDP camps in Gulu Uganda with sensitivity to cultural and gender norms they would face. Careful preparation with local partners including The Kids League Uganda provided an appropriate curriculum and itinerary that helped make the program a success.

    Ugandan girls are confronted with daily challenges ranging from high school dropout rates, male-preference, early marriages, early pregnancies, unequal opportunities, financial struggles, lack of resources, poor health and sanitation, and HIV/AIDS. These obstacles often create barriers which inhibit young girls from achieving their full potential. Goals for Girls designed a camp curriculum that stressed the importance of goal setting and attainment in relation to overcoming harsh experiences and challenges many of these young participants had faced.

    Goals for Girls 2007Goals for Girls South Africa 2007 “Using the power of soccer in the fight against HIV/AIDS”


    • Participants
      • Washington, DC-based select soccer team
      • Tiffany Roberts, U.S. Women’s National Team
      • South African girls who participate in Grassroot Soccer, Hope for Richmond, and Ubuntu Education Fund programs
    • Partners & Stakeholders
      • Grassroot Soccer
      • Ubuntu Education Fund
      • Hope for Richmond
      • U.S. Consulate, Cape Town
      • United States Soccer Foundation
      • The Washington Post

    Led by US Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist and FIFA World Cup winner Tiffany Roberts, the Washington DC-based girls’ soccer team the DC Blast traveled to South Africa to run soccer clinics and to participate alongside their South African counterparts in an HIV prevention camp. Soccer clinics and cultural exchange activities were run in Cape Town, Richmond, and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

    The American and South African participants explored differences and similarities around HIV and gender norms through life skills and HIV prevention activities of the camp. The Grassroot Soccer curriculum features a series of interactive activities that encourage young people to explore issues relating to HIV/AIDS and to gain the necessary skills to lead healthy lives. These skills include critical thinking, communication, self-esteem, and decision-making, among others.